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FB Mastermind Continuity

While traditional continuity programs continue to grow, they often lack the one thing that will increase your retention—a community. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes for just one second. When you first join a traditional monthly or recurring membership site, you’re excited. Maybe you even go out and tell people how good it is, causing […]

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Surefire Local Launchpad

Problem:  There’s an exponentially growing need for local businesses to get more leads in less time. Before they can do that though, they often need better websites specifically built to help them convert. But even before that, they need the right platform to help their website content load quickly and effortlessly. According to Akamai: “The […]

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Rapid Magnet Blueprint

Are you having problems selling your product or service? One of the major problems people face nowadays is building a list with the intent of getting people to buy their actual product.  But before you can do that, you need to give people a reason to sign up for your list in the first place. […]

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Smart Video Salesletters

According to the Online Publishers Association and Adweek, online video has become a powerhouse to boost sales. These statistics illustrate just how influential video can be: “From the people that have viewed sales videos promoting a product or service, over half will take some sort of action after viewing a video…including 12% who will actually […]

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Promo Video Secrets

Creating promotional videos is something that not everyone can do and that’s generally because there aren’t many guides that show you how to do them correctly. A lot of them focus on the visual part of the promo video which is wrong. In fact there is one key element that can make your promo video […]


Surefire Webinar Conversions

Have you noticed that a lot of businesses and nonprofits have started using webinars to generate leads? It is known that Webinars have a better conversion rate than most sales communication mediums simply because of the live social element and social proof. Questions that could be potential objections can be answered in real time. Average […]


More Whiteboard Videos

This is a follow on from the Local Whiteboard Videos Private Label Rights Filesize: 262MB


Training Your Puppy Blog

Everybody loves animals (well most do). This gives you the opportunity to own a ready built puppy training blog that requires minutes to setup. You then have full control to add your own blog posts and interact with your audience. Run your own blog today and have your opinions and skills heard. This fantastic blog […]


Meditation and Yoga Blog

Do you have an interest in Mediation and Yoga? Why not discuss it via this ready made blog system, posts are included with images also available. At the click of a button your site will be up and running within minutes. You will have full control and be able to add your own content any […]


Digital Downloads Lockdown

Ever wondered how to secure your download links so others cannot see them without having to login? Even if you already have a purpose built membership website, this will integrate perfectly. Sit on my shoulder as I take you step by step and in-depth on how to make this happen at no cost. Digital Downloads […]


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