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We employ a top-notch team which oversees what gets put up on PLR Assassin.

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PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

Private Label Rights gives you the right to adjust the content within the eBook or product in any way you wish. You can claim full authorship of the product with PLR rights.

You have the right to rebrand the products you download but some products may require that you adhere to a strict policy laid out by the product owner regarding rebranding rights. Most content though is rebrandable.

There are many ways to sell PLR Products

PLR can be used for lead generation, upsets, marketing tools or as simple products to sell. Many of our customers use the content for their blogs and create an offering for their blog susbcribers.

As you are able to rebrand the products, they can be sold as courses, newsletters and used to build your very own membership site. The possibilities are endless.

We’re struggling to find one!

Unlimited downloads, no speed restrictions, 24 hour support, 100% visibility of the products available within our membership area, rolling monthly payments without any cancellation notice required.

We are struggling to find a catch, if you find one let our team know!

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I am able to download PLR Products at lightening speed, beats competitors on download speed and product quality. Would 100% recommend for newbies and gurus.


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My lead generation campaigns have been on fire since using PLR Assassin. Could not be happier with the growth it has given my business for a small investment monthly.

What can I do with PLR Products?

Sell Your eBook!

With our rebrandable products, you officially become the author which means you have all rights to the product and the freedom to market the product as you wish and to whomever you wish.

Create Home-Study Courses!

Online courses are big business! We provide you with all the graphics and tools you require! You can market your courses anywhere you wish including auctions, digital marketplaces and your own website.

Build A Mailing List!

The money is indeed in the list. Use ready-made content to build up a fabulous list of customers. Use free reports as incentives and create an upsell with an even bigger course!

Make Your Own Blog or Newsletter!

People want information! Give them what they’re looking for simply by marketing yourself as an expert with the help of our ready-made content. Throw up the content on your site daily or weekly and build up a loyal fanbase!

Develop A Membership Site!

Set up your automated money-making machine by using our content for information to provide to your subscribers. Give out top notch content in a chosen niche and watch your customers come back for more!

Construct Mini E-mail Courses!

Use an autoresponder to set up automated e-mail courses such as a 10-part training course delivered to your customers over a 2 week period. Paste your affiliate links into the report or sell a hot related product at the end of the course to your subscribers!


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