What is the difference between PLR, RR and MRR?


One of the most frequently asked questions for our PLR Assassin staff are the differences between PLR, RR and MRR. It is important that you know the differences before downloading/purchasing a product.

The full meaning for the abbreviations are:

  • PLR – Private Label Rights
  • RR – Resale Rights
  • MRR – Master Resale Rights

Buying online products is an efficient, inexpensive and profitable way to break into a niche with very little investment.

Knowing the difference between PLR, RR and MRR will help you determined how to sell or market your products and the rights you have whilst marketing/selling them. There are other rights which are available such as Personal Use Rights and Giveaway Rights.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

PLR is the King of all available licences. It allows for re-branding, sale in any way you wish and for it to be changed in any way you wish. You are allowed to put your name as the author of the product, but are not allowed to claim any copyright as the product is available to many others also.

Some PLR products are very restricted and have limits to what can be achieved, always make sure you read the licence.

Master Resale Rights (MRR)

MRR rights are very similar to PLR products, apart from you are not allowed to change the product in any way or claim authorship over the product. The beauty of MRR products are that they allow for you to resell the product on to your customer with resell rights. This then allows for your customer to sell on the product to their customer. Master Resale Rights products are generally the most popular form of licence you will find online.

Resale Rights (RR)

Resale rights allow for the product to be sold on to your customer as is, it cannot be amended. The customer then has no rights to pass it on or sell to their customers. In basic terms, once you receive a product with resell rights you can sell it on to your customer and the sales stop there.

Giveaway Rights

You can give the product away for free (in any way you wish, unless the licence terms state otherwise). You cannot resell or change in any way. There products will usually only include an eBook with no other items.

Most MRR products have Giveaway rights. Click here to start downloading MRR products. The licences inside will explain if giveaway rights are possible. Giveaway can be provided on opt-in unless stated otherwise.

Personal Use Rights

You are allowed to use the product for your own benefit, such as use of the sales letters to directly sell a product – however you are unable to sell the original product on to your customers.