Struggling for content – how to use private label rights to build your blog


You are probably struggling for time to create your own blog content for your ever evolving blog. At times, it can be difficult to evolve your blog – if time is not on your side and there are millions of other tasks to complete.

Welcome to the world of PLR where the content is created in part for you, cutting down up to 90% of the work. PLR is not simply a cut and paste system, you will need to take the time to read through and amend the content to meet the requirements of your website and also Google.

Let me explain more:

  • Google will rank you lower for duplicate content
  • Duplicate PLR will not engage your users and they will become switched off
  • PLR content can at times be of low quality, if you want customers to return to your blog I would recommend a complete or at-least partial re-write of the content

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, it is ready made content which had a licence that allows the use and amendments – with many allowing for you to claim the content as your own.

PLR can be used for blog posts, newsletters, auto-responders, audio podcast and videos. It is however important to get PLR right, otherwise you will be wasting your time which would be counter-productive. Lets take a look at what you need to look out for with PLR and its use.


Finding quality content

This is the most difficult, but most important part of working with PLR products. You will find that many websites offer thousands of products for $1-2 dollars. Avoid these products, they are cheap for two reasons – they are outdated and also of low quality.

Look at joining a PLR membership website, with many offering free trials.

Look for the following when trying to find quality PLR:

  • recently developed content
  • authors which are well known
  • published to a limited number of members
  • check the grammar and spelling
  • check the sales page/graphics for high quality

If you try and re-write content which is of poor quality, you will find it may have been easier to write fresh content without having the original poor PLR content.


Making PLR content your own

This is the most important part of working with PLR, you need to make it stand out and to look brilliant. If your graphical and creative skills are limited, find yourself a design on odesk, quality images can be created for as little as $20.

If you require further information on how to improve your content and work with PLR, please view our forums.