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Potential Meditation Audio

Potential Audio Meditation For Unleashing Your Hidden Potential! (Master Resale Rights) File Size: 16.2MB

Fast Product Creation

PLR Audio On Fast Product Creation. If the one thing holding you back from building your big business is that it takes you too long to create a new product – this will amaze you! Create a $97 product in one day! (Private Label Rights) File Size: 5.5MB

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Health Coaching Business Overview

PLR Audio On How to Create a Coaching Business in the Health Niche! Health Coaching Business Overview. (Private Label Rights) File Size: 10.2MB

Music For Your Video Marketing Miracles

This collection of background music contains songs to use for background music to your videos, music stingers (short clips for intros and endings), and sound effects to build tension and transition into segments of your video! (Personal Use Rights) Filesize: 300MB

Word For Word Dictation Of A Successful Email Campaign

100% Easy to Copy in Your Niche! Word For Word Dictation Of A Successful Email Campaign. (Private Label Rights) File Size: 3.9MB

Dictation of a Generic Sales Letter in the Self-Improvement Niche

You can use this for any niche, there are tons of persuasive phrases that you can integrate into your sales letters fast! (Private Label Rights) File Size: 9.7MB

How To Master A Traffic Source

Learn how to master a traffic source! How To Master A Traffic Source. (Private Label Rights) File Size: 8.8MB

Advanced Content Marketing With Multiple Sites

This is a unique strategy I developed that uses multiple sites to multiply the efforts of your content marketing – I personally use a variant of this today, and get high search rankings from it! (Private Label Rights) File Size: 5.6MB

Hypnosis OTO

PLR hypnosis package “Hypnosis OTO” comes with 9 hypnosis audios (one more than OTO offer) which include Quit Smoking, Amazing Learning, Be Confident, Be Relaxed, Draw Wealth, Get Love, Make Your Dreams come True, Marketing Focus, Weight Loss. Audios comes with OTO page & graphics. (Private Label Rights) Filesize: 180MB

Integrated Perpetual Launch Email Campaign

PLR Audio On how to Create a Perpetual Launch Email Campaign – This is how to duplicate a live launch in an automated campaign – and it works like a charm! (Private Label Rights) File Size: 7.5MB

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