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Video Ad Popup

MRR WordPress plugin “Video Ad Popup” enables you to put banner ads over your videos (Youtube, Vimeo, self-hosted, and more) by using shortcode. MRR plugin comes with pdf instruction guide. Master Resale Rights Filesize: 0.3MB

WOW Presentation 2

TED speakers. Keynote presenters. Startup entrepreneurs. Techpreneurs. They’ve been upping the bar in delivering epic presentations over the years. Quite simply : times have changed. More people today are conditioned to expect slick, modern design presentations instead of a plain one. It doesn’t matter whether you stand on stage or record your presentation behind the   Read more »

lifetime banner

WP Combo Bar

If you look around you’ll see that the big boys usually resort to some kind of “trickery” to make their visitors reconsider leaving their site. They use all kinds of banners, pop-ins or exit bars… However, I do feel that these techniques might come across to users as very annoying. And you know what happens   Read more »

WP Tube Monetizer Plugin

This plugin will help to montetize your youtube videos to earn an income from your productions. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 0.3MB

Sticky Note Ads Plugin

Dear Fellow Website Owner, Do you know that the average time spent on a website is less than one minute? In fact, one study shows that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your site. Fifteen seconds. If you earn your living by the words you write and the products you sell online,   Read more »

Content Replacement Plugin

Provides full control of your content within pages and posts, you can add snippets and short code tags with a start date time. It is fantastic to show what you wish to show and hide what you do not wish to show. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 0.2MB

Instant Authority Book

Instant Authority Book is the product that promises to help you generate more income The INSTANT AUTHORITY BOOK Gives You 6 Ways To Cash-In On Your Celebrity Status Instant Authority Book Is A Step-By-Step Method To Get Local Business Clients Who Chase After You And Pay You Premium Prices. Become a moment office – the   Read more »

Link Gate Plugin

Are your readers missing important pieces of information? Here’s why. We simply don’t have time. We’re always in a hurry to get to the next email, the next video, the next social media site. The result? We scan the content, click the links, and move on. For the website owner, that means you have to   Read more »

WP Fast Start

Installing wordpress could not be easier, within six clicks you’re done. Save time and money with this fantastic product. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 30MB

Abundant Content Loader Plugin

Dear Content Publisher, It’s no secret that the key to better search rankings, more traffic, and higher sales lies in having lots of content on your site. Blog posts. Opinion pieces. Product reviews. How-to articles. The list goes on (and on and on). And the more competition you have and the more sophisticated Google and   Read more »

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