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Empowerment Software

Employee empowerment software with a built in affiliate system ready for instant use. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 6MB

Pricing Table Generator Software

Pricing tables work much better than pricing lists, you can easily create your own in a matter of seconds with this brilliant software. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 0.4MB

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WP FlexiWidget Plugin

With WP FlexiWidget, you can easily create as many widgets as you’d like and using a menu on your post / page editor, easily insert any of the widgets into the main content of your post – AT FULL WIDTH. This means that you can create widgets for images, text blurbs, certain scripts, and even   Read more »

WP Phantom Rebranding Suite

It should come as no surprise to you that many marketers sell PLR to their plugin products(most times for WordPress) for a slightly inflated price compared to the original. What this means is that they are allowing you to take their plugin product and modify it however you’d like, even as far as changing the   Read more »

WP SpinCode Plugin

Have you ever thought of randomizing your content within your website for your visitors? It makes your website look fresh and up to date and leaves your visitors less bored of the same old content! This plugin does it all for you in an SEO friendly way. Download WP SpinCode for WordPress now and enjoy   Read more »

WP SEO Tracker

Track all of your SEO efforts with this WordPress SEO keyword rankings software. You can monitor many SEO metrics in this one area. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 0.1MB

WP SalesTool Box

Use WordPress to Automatically (and Easily) Create Unlimited Sales Pages with the Push of a Button! Use it to Quickly Create: Sales Pages, OTO Pages, Thank You Pages and More. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 2.2MB

Mayan Callout Plugin

A plugin that will give you an unfair advantage over the competition! Designed to get your prospects attention and turn them into buyers! This is a pop-up that will appear always on the bottom-right of the screen and will stick in that position no matter if the web page is scrolled up or down, it   Read more »

WP ShareMe Plugin

If you need leads, if you need sales, if you need affiliate all hinges on traffic. There are loads of ways to get that traffic, everything from SEO to paid traffic and banner ads. However, 1 of the most powerful types of traffic any website can have is what I call “word of mouth”   Read more »

WP EZ Rank Checker – Week of October 6th, 2014

If you are in need of a tool that simplifies your life, saves you time and helps you tremendously with your SEO efforts, then you will surprised. WP EZ Rank Checker comes jam-packed with tons of features that make this plugin the real “SEO Weapon” that will undoubtedly skyrocket your business! These are the features   Read more »

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