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Cloud Save It Plugin

Do your readers download free or paid content from your blog? If you’re like 99% of website owners, the answer is a clear “Yes!” Here’s something else you have in common with all those other site owners though: Most readers who download your reports and products do not read–or even look at–them. Now, there are   Read more »

Quick Content Spinner

Perfect tool for rewriting content for your websites! This is a quick & easy to use solution does not come with sales page. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 1.6MB

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Smart Geo Profits

Do you often want to set different offers based on geographical areas? Now you can with this brilliant plugin. This can work if you are an affiliate marketer or product owner. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 0.5MB

Easy Countdown Redirector

Countdowns make your audience want to buy quickly before the offer runs out. This is the perfect easy countdown redirector which moves your customer automatically to the page you want. Download it today and give it a go. It is a great conversion increasing tool. Personal Use Rights: 36MB

2 Step Guru Squeeze Page Creator

If you want to increase your chances of capturing leads on your lead pages then you should start implementing a two step process at the point of capture. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you can’t have escaped the articles by industry experts who all agree that the two step process gets more conversions.   Read more »

HTML Exporter Plugin

This HTML exporter plugin for wordpress will export your existing wordpress pages and turn them into Html, which will be static for your visitors to view. This is perfect if you wish to stop using wordpress or wish to customise individual pages. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 180KB

Scheduled Widgets Plugin – September 2014

Have you ever thought of scheduling your widgets to show at different times of the day or possibly different months? Most web master miss the crucial key to marketing, which is seasonality. Seasonality is followed by super markets to make sure they are putting items in front of their customers which meet the season. Winter   Read more »

QuickSales Page

You can easily create an unlimited number of WordPress sales pages without changing your theme with this sales page system which can be used on an unlimited number of your own personal websites. These are absolutely fantastic and graphically they are beautiful to look at and will draw in your customers. Personal use rights included.   Read more »

WP Mass Exposure

There is no need to sell your products through one affiliate network when there are many. Sell through multiple networks at once and gain a following from many marketers, instead of being stuck in one marketplace. This plugin allows for multiple use of different affiliate areas/systems which will help gain more affiliates, expose your website   Read more »

WP EZ Viral Contest

Get more action and visitor interaction on your blog instantly with our WP EZ Viral Content. Save paying developers or trying to code your own plugin, this plugin adds a contest to your site instantly. Do you have a high bounce rate? Capture your audience and capture their email address to up-sell to them. Never   Read more »

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