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Keyword Research Ninja – Week of April 21st, 2017

It’s sad but true… Keyword research is a vital and necessary ingredient in online financial success. Yet, it can also be one of the most time-consuming tasks you can perform. And the worse part is the fact that you can spend hours, days, or even weeks analyzing and extracting keywords and still be shooting in […]

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Backlinks Warrior – Week of April 14th, 2017

You can get more backlinks faster using automation, so you can radically increase your traffic and profits without breaking a sweat. It’s SUPER easy to do, once you have the right tool for the job…. Backlinks Warrior! More traffic, more sales, more income… and even higher search engine rankings. All of this is yours for […]

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YT Rank Analyzer

Since this message has EVERYTHING to do with YOUR online business and the fact that it could be WIPED OUT by making one common mistake, you’ll want to take a minute to read this. On the page below, I’ll show you what that BIG mistake is… so you can avoid it. Not only that, but […]

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WP Tube Ninja V2 – Week of April 7th, 2017

Google can either make you or break you! I don’t care what other search engines are out there… Google is KING. If you don’t get any Google love then you will be lucky to make any money at all. That is unless you want to pay for traffic… and often times that will completely put […]

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WP Slideshow Master

WP Slideshow Master is a brand new and powerful WordPress plugin which allows you to create eye-catching, high impact flexible slideshows that will impress your visitors. This day and time you need “eye candy”, along with quality content to maximize your chances of transforming visitors into customers. The slideshow system very easy to use but […]

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Optin Converter

This brand new and totally HOT plugin will allow you to convert your visitors into email subscribers by using “eye candy”. After many years in the business, there is one thing proven over and over: people will act upon visual stimulation! There is no way to guarantee you will increase your sales and make more […]

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WP EZ Setup

WordPress is hands down, the best blogging tool on the planet. It has been around a very long time and is maintained, which means stability! But it scares newbies and makes developers shake in their shoes when coming to setting it up. Being developers ourselves, we needed a way for clients (and sites we flip) […]

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Viral InfoGraphic Traffic

Studies show that images, illustrations, pictures, and other visual presentations are more easily recognized, understood, and remembered compared to text. This is because our brain processes images simultaneously while it processes language in a linear/sequential manner. In other words, text takes longer to process. This is why infographic is getting more and more popular, especially […]


WP Feedback Pro

If you are a seasoned or even a beginning product marketer there is most likely one powerful weapon you are overlooking… Feedback Reviews! You can do all the JV’s, secret recipes, traffic tricks, offers or whatever people tell you is the latest and greatest. But, placing reviews is the MOST POWERFUL marketing weapon you can […]


WPUni System 5.0

Much more than just a simple WordPress theme. When combined with the included sidekick plugin, it is a complete system ready to build any type of site!


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