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Video Creation Mastery

Some of the videos you create require screen capture, but do you know how to? Within 30 minutes you will be all set to create a brilliant screen capture video which is professional. Personal Use Rights Only Filesize: 58MB

Adwords Direct Response V3

This fantastic series shows you how to convert traffic into sales via your conversion pages. There is no science behind this, these are subtle changes which are required. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 655MB

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Set Up Your Own Search Engine – Week of October 13th, 2014

Would you like to setup your own search engine? Be along side the big companies making millions in profits? You may as-well try! This is our PLR of the week for October 13th,this video is fantastic Master Resale Rights Filesize: 40MB

Webmaster PLR

WordPress does not need to be a difficult system to use, master it now with over 40 videos for you to view. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 1GB (large file size, please check with your ISP that you have enough data left)

Surefire Webinar Conversions

Have you noticed that a lot of businesses and nonprofits have started using webinars to generate leads? It is known that Webinars have a better conversion rate than most sales communication mediums simply because of the live social element and social proof. Questions that could be potential objections can be answered in real time. Average   Read more »

Impact Client Finder

Gaining new clients may seem a mine field, but it does not have to be. This video series gives you an in-depth overview on winning new clients, also providing clear examples and case studies. Master Resale Rights Filesize: 262MB

Forgotten Traffic Plans

This secret blueprint reveals forgotten tactics which work and can work for you to get thousands of additional free visitors to your website or your customer website. Get downloading and good luck! Personal Use Rights Filesize: 110MB

F Factor Marketing Videos

You would think that giving things away would cost and have little return. This will show you in 60 minutes a secret of how to build a passive income by giving things to others without the request for any payment. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 160MB

More Whiteboard Videos

This is a follow on from the Local Whiteboard Videos Private Label Rights Filesize: 262MB

Local Whiteboard Videos

You could be a video marketing and creation genius with local businesses asking for your services. This is a business plan which can work and will work if you put your mind to it. Personal Use Rights Filesize: 245MB

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