Dating & Relationships Articles

Dating & Relationships Articles

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The Dating and Relationships niche is enormously popular. Millions of people search the internet either for marriage/relationship advice or for the purpose of finding a partner.

The articles in this area cover all aspects of this niche including marriage/dating advice, getting your ex back, and numerous other subjects. New articles are posted in this area either weekly or bi-weekly. All articles are 500 words or more.

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Building Strong Family Relationships is Easier than You Think

How to Make Your Relationship Last Forever

Simple Tips to Finding Your New Love

The 4 Different Types of Relationships

The Building Blocks to a Successful Work & Office Relationship

The Most Important Relationship is the One You Have with Yourself

Why Most Long Distance Relationships Fall Short

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Handling Holiday Breakups

Don’t Depend on Someone Else to Make You Happy

Be Yourself and Only Yourself

Single and Loving It

“I Didn’t Know What He Is”

Are Dating Guides Useful?

Dating Sites or Clubs

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Questions to Ask Potential Dating Partners

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Love Life?

Moving Past Betrayal

How Long to Wait for a Proposal

Spicing Up Your Sex Life

What Are You Looking for in a Relationship?

Are You in Love or Obsessed?

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Successful Methods in Getting a Guy

It’s Not Nice to Tease

Signs that He’s Not Worth A Second Date

Dating as a Single Mom

Coping With the Depression of Your Boyfriend

Dating Mistakes Men Make

Easing Your Family into Your Biracial Relationship

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Dinner Dates

Is There Really Someone for Everyone?

Should You Take Your Man Home for the Holidays?

Avoiding Abusive Relationships

The Worst Times to Break Up with Someone

To Rekindle an Old Flame or Not

Dating and the Failing Economy

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Where to Spend the Holidays?

Should Co-Workers Date?

Romantic Evenings at Home

Minimize Your Holiday Stress

Beautiful and Alone

Don’t Be a Relationship Doormat

Winter Date Ideas

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Mature Man vs. Man Child

Reasons You’re Not Married

Loving a Taurus Man

Great Secret Places for Meeting Men

Going Out on Your First Openly Gay Date

Blind Dates Aren’t Always Nightmares

Signs that You’re Ready for a Relationship

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Dating Ineffective Divorced Fathers

Handling a Non Aggressive Man

Holiday Gift Ideas for Him When Youve Just Started Dating

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Woman You Just Started Dating

Loving a Scorpio Man

Relationship Breakers

Singles and Holiday Desperation

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Being Apart During the Holidays

Forgiveness in a Relationship

Loving a Sagittarius Man

Mistakes People Make Following a Divorce

Reconnecting with your Partner

Signs that a Man is Ready to Commit

Traits of Successful Relationships

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How to Get the Most from Your Online Dating Search

Is Omission the Same as Lying

Loving a Libra Man

Making Online Dating Less Scary

Reuniting With Your Ex Isnt About Picking Up Where You Left Off

Signs Hes Taking You for Granted

Will It Take Long To Get Back With Your Ex

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Becoming Secure in Your Relationship

Humiliating Relationship Mistakes Women Make

Learning Effective Methods of Communication

Loving a Pisces Man

One Failed Relationship Can Mean the Beginning of a Better One

Signs of a Poisonous Relationship

Signs That Your Relationship is Over

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Is Sex On a First Date Advisable

Learning to Live Without Him

Loving a Leo Man

Security vs

Spotting a Player

Tricks to Get Him to Cuddle with You

Why Guys Cheat

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How to Handle it When He Cheats on you and then Leaves

Loving a Capricorn Man

Can Cheating Really Make Your Marriage Stronger?

Subjects Couples Need to Discuss But Usually Don’t

Why Won’t He Commit?

How You Can Turn Into a Man Magnet

Is It Acceptable for Women to Fake Orgasms?

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Why Don’t People Listen To Relationship Advice?

You Can Be Alone

Romance and Religion

Tips for Being in a Happy Relationship

Planning a Memorable Romantic Evening

Signs that Your Relationship is Finished

Getting through the Holidays Newly Single

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Choose Your Battles

Climbing Out of the Relationship Rut

Help! His Best Friend is a Woman

How To Tell if he's Mr Wrong

I Love Him but he's a Terrible Kisser

Loving a Cancer Man

Signs That Your Woman is Cheating On You

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Are You a Good Date

Handling Stress in Your Relationship

Is Marriage For You

Relationship Enders

Remind Yourself What is Good About Being Single

Things To Avoid When Trying to Get Your Ex Back

Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend

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Are You Ready For a Relationship

Get Your Ex Back By Letting Him Go

Getting the Respect You Deserve

Knowing When To Leave

Loving An Aries Man

Planning A Happy Lesbian Wedding in Spite of Disapproving Relatives

The Wishy Washy Guy

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Is The Economy Killing Romance

Loving An Aquarian Man

Marriage Traditional or Practical

Non Revenge Can Be Sweeter

Relationship or just Sex

Signs That You're Cheating Emotionally

Video Games Not So Great For Relationships

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Are You SURE You Want To Get Married

Baby Fever

Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

Give The Gift Of A Drawer

Reasons That Men Drop Women

Should You Discuss Past Sexual Partners

Tips To Staying Safe While Dating

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Create A Killer Online Dating Profile

Dating And Pets

Online Dating And Safety

Planning A Romantic First Date

Reinventing Yourself To Get Your Ex Back


Your Man Just Hit On Me

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Can Religious Differences Prevent A Relationship

Dress The Part

Gay Couples Need Counseling

Get Over Your Ex

Is It Just Me

Wrong Reasons To Get Married

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Being Gay And Adopting

Is There Room In Your Relationship For A Baby?

Is Your Cyber-Relationship Going Anywhere?

Is Your Partner Reliable?

Moping Around Over Your Ex Gets You Nowhere

The Value Of Old Fashioned Love Letters

Things You Shouldn't Do After You're Married

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About Rebound Relationships

Are You Dating a Gold Digger

Is Love At First Sight Real

Things That Can Kill A Relationship

What's in a Geek

Reasons To Kiss

Dos And Donts of Getting Your Ex Back

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Signs that Your Guy is one to Keep

Are You the Marrying Kind

Are You Dating for Sex

Commitment Phobic Men

Why Living in the Past Can Ruin Your Life

Are You a Candidate for Speed Dating

Are You Threesome Material

Dating and the Single Parent

Strip Clubs Aren

Competing with a Deceased Partner


Special Doesn't Have to Mean Expensive

Dating and Hygiene

Signs That You

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Is Phone Sex Cheating

Sometimes You Have to Relocate to Find Your True Love

Breaking Up Can Be Easy

How Much Privacy Should Exist in Relationships

Opposites Really DO Attract

Is Worrying Ruining Your Relationship

Sleeping Arrangements When Taking Your Boyfriend Home

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Surviving a Relationship Break Up

Are You REALLY Ready for Marriage

Dealing with Jealousy in Your Relationship

Dealing with Overzealous Parents

Dont Let Desperation Get the Best of You

Dating Safety

How to Seduce Any Man

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Breaking Bad Relationship Habits



How do Those Happy Couples DO it

You Could Be Deliverately Sabotaging Good Relationships

Things that Turn Men Off

How to Know if He

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Do You Have What it Takes to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Should Religion Really Play a Part in Divorce


Dating Statistics You Should Know

Do You REALLY Want Your Ex Back


Conversation Starters for a First Date

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How Time Apart Improves Your Relationship

Getting Over a Heartbreak

Interesting Facts about Kissing

Thing you Should Never Share with your Boyfriend

Ways to Confirm His Cheating

Use Feng Shui for a Better Romance

Ways to Fix a Relationship Following an Affair

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Admitting you

One Thing That Will Never Help You Meet Gay Men

How to NOT Get Your Ex Back

Dealing With Interfering Parents

When Should You Go Away With Someone for the First Time

Symptoms of a Facebook Stalker

Know How to Have a Successful Relationship

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Do You Need Drama in your Relationship

Do You Have What it Takes to Date Celebrity

How to Deal with a Stalker


Unique First Date Ideas

Get Your Ex Back by Playing with His Mind

Online Gay Dating

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Planning the Perfect Gay Wedding

Relationship Stages

Does a Committed Relationship Make You Fat

10 Ways to Hold a Budget Wedding

Deciding If You Should Stay with Your Cheating Husband

Plus Size Relationships

Dealing with Your Obsession with a Man

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Why Gay Chat Liners are Good

Are You Really in Love

Words or Actions

Biracial Dating

Getting Your Ex Back

Is it Wrong to Hook up with your Best Friends Ex

Teacher and Student Romances

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Rebuilding Trust


Do You REALLY Want a Married Man

Loving Someone You Can Never Have

Is He Really Who He Says He Is

Until Death Part Us Becomes As Until I

Dealing with an Addictive Relationship

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From Friends to Lovers


Ignorance Still Abounds Regarding Biracial Relationships

Different Types of Cheating

Don (2)

Will You Still Love Me When I have No Teeth

Steps to Getting Your Ex Back

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