Q: Can I rebrand whatever products I download?A: You have the right to rebrand the products you download but some products may require that you adhere to a strict policy laid out by the product owner regarding rebranding rights. Most content though is rebrandable.

Q: How do I know what the rights are for each product?

A: The rights are found within the package itself.

Q: How many products are being added to PLR Assassin on a monthly basis?

A: We add new products almost daily. There is no specific amount or limit which we go by because of the fact that we are not only searching for new high-quality products daily but our in-house team is also developing content weekly if not daily and every finished project is then immediately uploaded after the inspection process. New articles, new graphics, new videos, new niche products are always being uploaded to PLR Assassin. At any one given time, you may see up to 100 products being uploaded in merely 7 days across all categories. We work round the clock!

Q: What is my download limit?

A: You are free to download as many products as you like.

Q: When I download a product, I have the freedom to not only claim full authorship but can also sell the product at whatever price I wish, correct?

A: This is correct for the most part since the majority of products are PLR. But in some cases, the license for the given product may require restrictions such as MRR or Personal-Use Only. There may be other restrictions such as only selling the product at a price set by the creator. So for example, if the license states that you can only sell the product for no less than $17, then you should adhere to the rules as stated in the license.

Q: I forgot my password, what do I do?

A: Simply go to the ‘Support’ tab in the navigation links on the PLR Assassin homepage and hit the ‘Change Password’ button or send us a message through the ‘Contact Us’ tab.
Q: Ok, I got access to all these wonderful products on PLR Assassin, but what now? How do I make money with them?

A: Rebrandable content is big business online but not everybody knows how to fully implement PLR. Simply visit our forum and we will get you started through our tutorials and we will direct you through the complete process.

Q: How do I renew or cancel my membership?

A: To renew your membership once it expires, you will have an option to renew it again. When your membership expires, you no longer have access to the products on PLR Assassin. If you want to cancel your membership, you can do so through the payment options on Paypal.

Q: I downloaded the product but how do I unzip them?

A: Make sure to use the latest version of WinZip. You can download WinZip for free from the official WinZip page. If you are still having trouble, contact us through the ‘Contact Us’ tab and we can help you. (Some files are .rar extensions and require a free copy of winrar to open).

Q: What is Private Label Rights?

A: Private Label Rights gives you the right to adjust the content within the eBook or product in any way you wish. You can claim full authorship of the product with PLR rights.