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Multiple PLR Of The Week

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Every week, PLR Assassin features super-popular products created by some of the most talented product-creators in the world! This is the section where you can expect to find the hottest sellers of the week, fully recommended by the PLR Assassin Team! Check back weekly for new top-notch products.

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Beat Depression Today

For the week of March 26, TheHypnoMan once again releases another powerful hypnosis product in the massively popular depression niche. With over 9,000,000 searches a month, people are really looking for assistance in beating depression!

beat depression image

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Easy Quit System

For the week of March 19, PLR master of hypnosis TheHypnoMan releases another killer hypnosis product, this time in the Quit Smoking niche. With over 860,000 searches for "Quit Smoking" and over 600,000 searches for "Stop Smoking", this is a serious market of people needing help to stop their addiction!

quit smoking plr

This product also comes with a set of high quality graphics, professionally recorded hypnosis track, fully formatted sales letter, front end report, and an html minisite template.

stop smoking plr

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PLR Paydirt

For the week of March 19, heavyweight PLR talent Digiscott presents a very powerful 12 module PLR training video series showing you how to really profit from PLR products!

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plr products

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Twitter Traffic Flow System

For the week of February 20, supreme product creators Liz Tomey and Brian & Shannon Long present another killer product in the extremely popular Twitter niche!

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PSD Blowout V.2

For the week of February 13, master product-creator Aaron Danker is back with a supreme pack of Photoshop templates and high-end graphics to his most profitable sites!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock or are completely new to the internet, you'll know that graphics help SELL a product. I don't care what you're selling ' words alone can only do so much, but graphics will help your visitors decide if they want to stay on your website and read your sales copy or leave there and then.

Good graphics represent you, your business and what you're selling. If your site looks tacky, and looks like a home-improvement botched job, what impression does that leave about your product?

It doesn't matter how good your sales copy is, how valuable your product actually is, or what other people are saying through your testimonials, or even if you're offering a LIFETIME guarantee. No one would care and your efforts would be completely wasted!

Forget about one-time offers, upsells, downsells and cross-sells, tell-a-friend scripts, tweet me buttons, share this on Facebook buttons, affiliate programs or even offering high-ticket items, none of it will happen because you didn't make a good first and lasting impression. You did not impress them!

Even if you wanted to collect sign-ups and follow up with your subscribers with promo emails for you products and affiliate recommendations, no one would want to sign-up because of the first impression you're leaving on your site! They'll remember you as 'that's the guy with that awful website trying to spam me and sell me junk... I think I'll unsubscribe'... harsh but true.
graphics is definitely a top priority when it comes to building an online presence.

Which is why you're here on this page. Today I want to provide you with over 12 months worth of my own personal work to save you time, effort and money. You don't need a degree in art and design, you don't need to spend hours watching poor quality videos on YouTube, and you definitely won't need to fork out $497+ on a graphic designer.

What I'm offering is the RAW and UNFLATTENED PSDs to 27 websites which I've built in the past to maintain and sustain a solid income online. These originally stemmed from resell rights products which were created in the past but now the graphics project are yours to use as you see fit!

With each website you'll receive the PSD template, eCovers, banners buy now buttons and so much more. And because they're unflattened, you can drag and drop the graphic elements into your own website such as text, logos, people, icons, textures, colors and much more. With these RAW templates you'll be able to get REALLY creative and produce beautiful and profitable websites all by yourself!

Here's what you get...

-Template PSD graphics - this is the 'front cover' of your mini-site template where your header, footer and page background, your sales letter, eCover graphics, and everything else is stored. You'll be able to fully edit, move and modify for your own site

-Package PSD graphics - you'll receive the unflattened package graphics which may include a stack of CDs, boxes, DVD cases and more

-eCover 2D PSD graphics - with the flat versions of each eCover, you'll be able to edit and render each file to make your own virtual products

-Range of banner PSD graphics - you'll receive the raw banner files and animation script that's used to make your banners look so good. Edit how you wish to promote your products

-Guarantee PSD graphics - guarantees improve conversions which is why we've included them in here for you to edit and re-word to suit your own product

-Component box PSD graphics - the component box stores your module, or in-depth information about your product. Use it to redirect your visitor's eyes to the real meat of your product.

A value of $497!

Download Link 1. Click Here to download. Must be logged in.

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Hack Your Theme Vol.2

For the week of February 6, a hot new WP video series from plr master Steve Dougherty hits the market!

I've seen many people struggle with:

* Paying high fees for premium WordPress themes
* Creating quality bonuses for product offers
* Locating quality PLR in order to create your own products
* Adding fresh content to their websites or blogs
* Giving away quality products to their subscribers

and if you are using the internet as a business tool you are likely to be in some if not all of the above mentioned situations.

For this reason I've decided to create not 10, or even 15 but 19+ brand new videos for your instruction.

In addition to the easy to consume video guides, you also receive the copy & paste ready code for you to add to your site as you watch the step-by-step videos to show you how.

You also receive a 46 page PDF graphical guide that contains the before & after images, the codes and a brief write-up for each customization.

For a super quick & easy site content, just copy the text from the PDF and add to your site. You can even do this for every one of the customizations & schedule them to be published every week and you have several months of content added within a few minutes.

Add the before & after images along with the videos and your site visitors and the search engines will both love you!

Why would you want to use let alone customize the WordPress default 2011 theme...?

Here are the top 10 of the MANY REASONS you want to use the WordPress Default 2011 Theme:

10. Full page text editor for zero distraction when adding content

9. Custom multi-navigational menu

8. 10 supported post formats - Standard, Aside, Gallery, Link, Status, Quote, Image, Audio, Video & Chat

7. Without all the 'bloat-code' other themes have, the default 2011 theme loads much faster

6. Code is almost perfect

5. SEO optimized

4. Plugin developers usually test their plugin on this theme before releasing to the public

3. It is part of the WordPress install package

2. The official theme of the developers of WordPress

And The Number 1 Reason....

1. Can't beat the price - ITS FREE!

Here is a list of the 19 videos:

1) How to change the background of just the widget title area

2) How to change the widget title font color, style and size

3) How to change the widget links font color, style and size

4) How to increase the width of the sidebar

5) How to remove the bullets in the links of the sidebar

6) How to add a border between widgets in the sidebar

7) How to change the post title font color, style and size

8) How to change the posts title background color

10) How to remove posted by date

11) How to add an auto changing copyright date in the footer

12) How to add text in the footer

13) How to remove the border from around the images

14) How to add a border between the content and the right sidebar

15) How to remove or change comments bubble

16) How to move the sidebar in the showcase template

17) How to blend menu into the header

18) How to add a banner ad below site title

19) How to add the search box into the menu bar

Click Here to download. Must be logged in.


Info Product Success

For the week of January 23, a brand new monster-sized product arrives from the desk of super-talented Ken Hicks!

Discover the Strategies and Techniques used by the Web's Top Marketers for Generating a Massive Residual Income As An Info Product Creator!

"Learn How to Brand Yourself as Expert Product Creator by Building Your Own Info Product Business!”


Do you know all those people selling information online? Well you know as well as I do that they are doing two things...

Firstly, they are providing information....and...

Secondly, they are making money...and in some cases, tons of it!

Well, are you sick and tired of being the person who constantly buys the information?

No matter how good the information is, it is sometimes annoying to think that you are helping somebody else enrich themselves!

Then prepare for action...

Because, I am about to show you how you can be on the other side of the fence and provide quality information products and make money from it very quickly!

Don't Bother Struggling To Make Money Online When You Could Be Making Money While Supplying People With Information They Need!

When people go on to the Internet they are usually looking for something...information or another way to put it, ANSWERS!

There are plenty of people or businesses supplying information but the only thing is the quality varies.

The Time and effort I put in to supply products such as this was a massive undertaking as I wanted to make sure that that people who were buying the product were rewarded by getting the knowledge they needed to become a successful product creator. might be asking yourself...

Can I Make Money creating and selling info products?

Here's a recent news excerpt posted by Clickbank from early December 2011...

"BROOMFIELD, COLO. Dec. 7, 2011 - ClickBank, the premier online marketplace for digital information products, today announced $2 billion in total revenue paid to affiliate marketers and product vendors since 1998. During the three-year period from 2008-2011, revenue payouts doubled from $1 billion to $2 billion, reinforcing the affiliate marketing industry as a growth sector of the economy during the global recession".

ClickBank revenue paid to online entrepreneurs has demonstrated steady growth for the past 13 years.

As you can see, yes you can Make Money creating and selling information products, in fact Big Money and Clickbank is only one method you can use, there are many ways to make money online by creating and selling your own info products and today I have the exact formula you will need for your success.


Info Product Success is a set of professionally created instructional videos that explains some of the key strategies and techniques of how to become a successful product creator.

The system will show you how to create products yourself and turn them into CA$H, day after day and month after month providing you with the ongoing residual income that we all strive for!

Here's a look at some of the many topics covered in the Info Product Success System...

-Testing Your Market for the Perfect Niche...
-Researching your Subject Matter, what are the best methods...
-Product Creation, Keeping the Right Mindset...
-Using PLR, should you use PLR to create your product...
-PLR Rights explained...
-Your Sales Message, creating the right message that converts...
-How to Market and Sell your new info Products...
-Should you outsource your product creation...
-Where to Outsourcing...
and more....

This is an extremely high quality video product, the system consist of 8-professionally created MP4 video modules and 8-MP3 audio modules that will provide the listener with the knowledge and information they need to become an elite product-creator.

Download Link 1 - Branded Videos - Click here to download. Must be logged in.

Download Link 2 - Unbranded Videos - Click here to download. Must be logged in.

Download Link 3 - Files - Click here to download. Must be logged in.


Facebook For Business

For the week of January 16, another fantastic product from Bertus Engelbrecht hits the PLR market in the ever-popular Facebook niche!

(please allow a few seconds for images to load)

Click here to download. Must be logged in.


100 Tips PLR Series

For the week of January 9, a super-hot new product arrives from the desk of the enormously talented Calvin Woon!

(please allow a few seconds for images to load)

Click Here to download. Must be logged in.


QuikBank Profit Blaster

To start off January 1st, 2012, we are extremely excited in offering a brand new product from super-talent Noctilus from Warrior! This promises to be a great one!


Before you go thinking this is just another PLR product, get this…
QuikBank Profit Blaster has High Quality Reviews, Comparison Charts, Auto Responder Series, E-Books, & Promo Videos for an insane price tag with PLR&MRR just in time to take off into a super profitable 2012!

Creating your own material is time consuming and a real hassle right? Newbies and Pros alike can relate to the fact that creating a watertight campaign with the right market research, bonuses, and graphics can be tough. Right there from square one, you have to find a product that’s popular, yet not too over-saturated with affiliates promoting it & then create the best content.

That’s where QuikBank Profit Blaster comes in!

We’ve scoured Clickbank for hidden gems, then we engineered a Plug N’ Profit PLR/MRR package with ALL of the support content you’d need to promote these products; all offered to you on a silver platter! Tweak & market a bit and watch your commissions skyrocket. This package is 100% original and put together by a team of PROs!

We understand you don’t want to spend the money, time and effort to create your own content. Before we started creating any content, we literally spent hundreds of hours looking for the best performance products on Clickbank. We wanted to ensure you’d succeed, so we really put in some effort into only picking out the BEST of the BEST. We chose products according to some very tough criteria.

After we ruled out current under-performing products, we were left with the products that are most guaranteed to make you money on Clickbank. We intentionally left out products in the ultra-competitive Internet Marketing niche.

Every Internet marketer knows that your choice of niche can be one of the most important deciding factors in this business. That’s why while we were making this package, we made sure to pick out some SURE-FIRE winners. Some of them are in new and upcoming markets. Some of them are high performers WITHOUT being completely over-run by affiliates. BUT ALL OF THEM will turn you into a Clickbank Money-making MACHINE!

Here’s What QuikBank Profit Blaster Will Deliver:

Power Pack #1
19 Ironclad Product Reviews That’ll Have Your Buyers Clicking The Buy Button Like Crazy

The best Internet Marketers are those who sell to their potential buyers without making them feel like they’re being sold to. These brand new 800-1000 words product reviews will do just that; they’re friendly and conversational, sprinkled with just the right bit of persuasion so as not to come off as too sales-ish. These articles are not rehashed junk but are well-researched and first rate 100% unique.

Power Pack #2
5 In-depth, Analytical Product Comparison Charts Ready To Be Copy Pasted

We went ahead and made the most comprehensive product comparison charts for Clickbank Marketplace products ever! They’re the ultimate win-win situation: Your buyer gets a breakdown of the best products on Clickbank, and no matter which product s/he decides on buying, you cash in!

Power Pack # 3
5 Informative, Professionally Written E-Books On The Chosen Five Markets

Preselling is important. Every seasoned marketer knows that. It’s important to make sure to get your buyers in the mood for buying before you sell them anything. That’s exactly the sort of mindset we had when we wrote them. With these E-books as opt-in premiums or free giveaways, you maximize conversions by making your potential buyer trust you as an authority figure, before you try selling anything.

Power Pack # 4
5 Gorgeous Pieces Of Custom Graphics

Convey a sense of authority and professionalism with these amazing E-Book Covers and Animated Banners. After they see these beauties, your leads will feel like you’re the topic expert. PLUS…Editable source files (Photoshop PSD files) have also been provided which means you can modify them any way you like.

Power Pack # 5
14 Days Auto-Responder Series CHOCK FULL Of Soft Sells, Hard Sells, And Information for each of the 5 markets

Everybody knows the moneys in the mailing list, so we wrote up a 14 days Auto Responder series for each market. Each series has been carefully written to appeal to the demographics of each of your potential markets. They speak to everyone at a personal level.

Power Pack # 6
Promo Or Squeeze Page Videos For Each & Every Product

These 19 nifty little videos can be used for your video marketing or for your squeeze page or for your affiliate site. They’re made to grab the reader’s attention!

If you’re wondering Why Clickbank, Read on.

When we decided to create this series, we thought long and hard about which affiliate network to create a package for. Each affiliate network definitely has its own pros and cons. When we finally boiled down all the facts and crunched all the numbers, we concluded that Clickbank is the smart, go-to option right now. Here’re just a couple of reasons why:


If you’re just starting out in Internet Marketing, then this is reason enough for you. Everybody knows how tough it can be getting accepted into CPA networks when you’re just starting out. You have to jump through a lot of hoops, provide a lot of information, and wait for eons…Then, you might not even get accepted! Clickbank offers instant access to its affiliates, so you can be up and running, promoting products right this minute!


Other networks will offer you scraps; commissions as low as 3%, maybe even less expecting you to bring in large number of sales. With Clickbank, you settle for nothing less than and rake in AT LEAST a monstrous 30% or 50% commission (or more), based on the products we chose...which can sometimes even be repeated monthly if you’re promoting subscription products (which we’ve also included).


With commissions that big, you’ll start to notice a considerable increase in your income from just a few sales. Other networks offer you pennies, depending on bulk instead of quality. With Clickbank you get the best of both worlds: Lots of sales, with an impressive commission per sale.

With Clickbank, even ONE affiliate sale of one of the products we chose means earning an extra $50 or $70 immediately rather than waiting for a huge number of sales.How many sales would you need to make $50 using most other affiliate networks?

While we do recommend using other networks AS WELL, with the QuikBank Profit Blaster package you’re now equipped to start raking in some serious cash with Clickbank WITHOUT STARTING FROM SCRATCH.

We’ve done all the work for you!

If you take action TODAY, use up all the contents in this package or even chose just 2 out of the 5 niche options or 3 out of the 7 packs we’ve given you:

Say you make 10 sales per month for 2 websites, your affiliate commissions could easily cross $1,000. That’s just for TEN sales per MONTH. Imagine a recurring commission or if you make 50 sales or 100 sales. Do you see where we’re going with this?

We want to help you make your 2012 super profitable using QuikBank Profit Blaster!

What QuikBank Profit Blaster IS:

QuikBank Profit Blaster is the tangible result of hundreds of hours’ worth of effort put in by a team of experienced Internet marketers, article/content writers, copywriters and graphics artists. We’ve delivered none of that cheap, low/spun quality article writing. We’ve done all the work, analyzed all the markets, and looked at all the potential shortcomings of these markets to come up with the most complete solution ever.

What QuikBank Profit Blaster ISN’T:

QuikBank Profit Blaster ISN’T: Another Internet marketing report promising you hundreds over-night.
QuikBank Profit Blaster ISN’T: Another tutorial, tool or video series that may or may not succeed in making you money.
QuikBank Profit Blaster ISN’T: Another sub-standard PLR package of recycled PLR articles and Auto Responder series.

QuikBank Profit Blaster is simply what you YOURSELF would do if you decided to invest the time, money & effort, through diligent market research, content creation, and graphics design.

Unlike other methods, which take HOURS to implement & test without any guaranteed results, this Swiss-army knife of a package can be used to make you money in countless ways. This package WILL give you results and WILL make you money should you choose to take action RIGHT AWAY!

What Is In It For You:

The beauty of this package is you can use it anyway you want!

*INSTANT, NO-HASSLE Website/Blog Content At Your Fingertips
*QUICK CASH Opportunities Through FLIPPING-SITE Creation
*CONVINCING Sales Funnels With A KILLER Content + Ebook Combination
*Using The Content In Squidoo Lens, Article Directories, Ezines, Docstoc Or Scribd
*VIDEO MARKETING MADE EASY With The AMAZING, Realistic Testimonials and Promo / Squeeze page videos
*Build your MAILING LIST and capture LEADS by creating reports with the content
*Provide QUALITY VALUE to members of your membership sites
*Create NEWSLETTER updates by using the package contents

QuikBank Profit Blaster’s FRESH, NEW content is an EXCELLENT way to JUMPSTART your Internet Marketing Career. Even if you’ve dipped into the same product pool, this package will keep your sites converting in 2012!

What QuikBank Profit Blaster Is Worth:

We’ve invested a good deal of time and money and settled for nothing but the best when selecting products & creating this package. This is the kind of value you will receive:

*5 Presell-Perfect Original Brand New E-books ==> WORTH $75
*5 Gorgeous Original E-Cover Arts & Banners ==> WORTH $75
*19 Compelling Original Product Reviews ==> WORTH $190
*5 In-depth Original Product Comparison Charts ==> WORTH $50
*5 Informative Original 14 days Email Auto-responder Series ==> WORTH $125
*19 Original Promo or Squeeze Page Videos ==> WORTH $200

It’s all done for you content wrapped up in a gift box. We’ve left NOTHING out. Whether we were using subtle sales tactics in the Product Reviews, or while we were hard selling in the Auto Responder Series, you will only get the highest quality as if we would use it for our very own sites.

The QuikBank Profit Blaster Package can be used INSTANTLY, in COUNTLESS ways, to earn some serious quick profits. If you take action right now, imagine the money you will be raking in for 2012.

Click here to download. Must be logged in.


Facebook Fan Page Templates (Biz in a Box)

For the date of December 31, 2011 we are putting the spotlight on several brand new hot products as we close a great 2011 while looking ahead to an even better 2012!

Michael Marshall from Warrior has done a great job with this hot new set of eye-catching Facebook templates!

(please allow a few seconds for images to load)

Click here to download. You must be logged in.



Offline Graphics Kit

Another super-hot product released today, December 31, 2011, is one from the desk of the amazingly talented Travish90 from Warrior. This is a simply fantastic product which you will love!

(please allow a few seconds for images to load)

Click here to download. You must be logged in.

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